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Good Buddy - Aluminum Training barbell

Good Buddy - Aluminum Training barbell

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Our Good Buddy bar line was created to give our factory seconds an opportunity to be used as they were originally intended. The Good Buddy barbells feature all new components with minor fit or cosmetic blemishes. Our Good Buddy barbells are the structural equivalent to our retail bars, these minor flaws do not affect their performance in the gym.


Our team at Heavy Metal takes quality and precision manufacturing standards very seriously because we pride ourselves in offering superior quality products. After finding any imperfections, our Good Buddy barbells are set apart, carefully evaluated, and if authorized, they are sold as seconds to our customers. Although we consider these factory seconds, they are often of higher quality than our competitor’s best work.


Our bars are made of 100% USA sourced steel. Good Buddy barbells allow our customers to receive a quality piece of fitness equipment at a lower-cost.

What we have in stock varies.


Our Good Buddy barbells are limited in stock and only available to ship. These barbells are 100% functional, but we do not offer a warranty. All sales of Good Buddy barbells are final.

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